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The build process is a complex, but highly organized process.  It takes a team and you become part of our team. We work with your through every detail and phase of the building process ensuring that your home is exactly what you envisioned. Our process begins with a consultation: 

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Naturally, first step in any project is to get to know you, your vision, your expectations and your budget.

We begin with an on-site consultation in which we discuss your practical lifestyle needs, expectations and wishes so we can determine the best design build solution for your project. During this visit we will examine the land you’d like to build on or space you'd like to renovate in the greater context of your entire home.

Once an agreement is reached, we'll draft and sign a preliminary document known as a "Design-Build Agreement" and then go through that with you step by step.

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We'll draft preliminary construction drawings using our in-house design team, our network of architects in town or working in collaboration with your architect. After getting a good feel for your project and vision, we can easily match you to the architect that best fits your style and budget.

We'll review the drawings with you and you will be able to suggest revisions, ideas and assist with product selections to ensure that every selection integrates with the total design aesthetically and that we stay on schedule. 

At this time, we'll also carry out site visits with contractors and gather quotes from vendors and suppliers in order to formulate a preliminary estimate of costs. This involves gathering data from a number of our subcontractors and suppliers and generally takes several weeks.  Once all of your selections are made, and the vendors and subcontractor’s prices are in, your final detailed estimate is completed. We like to be very detailed and don’t like surprises…just like you.

Upon your approval, we'll create the final construction drawings, construction contract, project schedule and a fixture/finish selection schedule.

The design selection process has been carefully scheduled to run in sync, alongside the milestones of the build process. The result of this fine-tuning makes the creative process of customizing the home less daunting and extremely enjoyable and exciting for you.

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Once approved, execution of the design begins.

We manage this entire process and allow you to relax and watch it all come to life. We'll obtain all necessary permits, monitor the budget and schedule and frequently inform you of progress. We are driven by client satisfaction and pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality standards while maintaining a clean and safe job site.

Even when we’ve gone through the final client walk through and your project is complete, our work is not yet done. Your newly renovated space is covered by our one-year guarantee. 

We are committed to customer service, exceptional quality and attention to detail.